Casino Have Published Their Initial Recommended Practice Guidance

Casino Have Published Their Initial Recommended Practice Guidance

Analysis has established a close relationship between gambling and suicide. Injuries linked to gambling are more likely to lead to suicide than the general public Singapore online casino review. Charities have launched a programme to help understand gambling as a risk factor in suicide and what can be done to prevent gambling suicides.

In order to prevent gambling’s and suicide,2 Samaritans are laying down business rules that can be adopted by gaming firms and encouraging all players. Gambling industry will continue to work. At least, companies should obey the guidelines to demonstrate their commitment to suicide prevention.

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Suicides should be prevented and we know that different sectors have to tackle diverse problems to provide effective suicide prevention. Mubeen Head of Politics for the Samaritans said: Then consider the requisite changes in the gambling environment to deter suicide is to connect directly between play and suicide. We are happy to publish these guidelines and look forward on behalf of all gaming firms to make further progress on discouraging gambling suicide.

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Suicide prevention is everyone’s business. There is still more work to be done in the wider gaming community to reduce the risk of gambling harm and ensuring that everybody has the support he or she needs The support of our guidelines by operators is an excellent step in reinforcing suicide prevention in the gambling industry.

The Samaritans made those proposals in consultation with a wide range of different stakeholders from experts, other agencies, healthcare and assistance and those involved in the gambling industry. The Christian community recommends suicide avoidance in order to comply with existing industry resources3. Which seeks to reduce the probability of losses linked to gambling.

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The recommendations include how robust customer and staff protection suicide prevention strategies are applied, the inclusion of harmful prevention in marketing messages, the use of proof to discourage suicide and the sensitivity of consumer contacts.

These guidelines are yet another example of the Samaritans’ attempt, in accordance with the advice of the charity for technology networks and newspapers, to promote the excellency of suicide prevention for industries that present those associated risks.


With Gam Care (a leading national charity working to minimise gambling damage), Samaritans concentrate on the manufacturing system in the project to reduce the suicide rate for gamblers Gam Care. It was also with their experiences and understanding among those involved in the guidelines of the Samaritans. It is  a charity that is the people’s charitable donations and more than 20 000 volunteers who claim we are there to cope. 

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